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Geoblink Design System

There are days when you know you are working on something amazing. You would love to share it with the world, but cannot. I felt that every single day at the office for months, knowing that someday – eventually – I would be able to share this project. Finally – today – Geoblink’s Design System has been open sourced (GitHub repository).

Geoblink’s Design System is open source.

Geoblink Design System is a large collection of reusable Vue.js components I’ve been working on during my time at Geoblink. They are aimed for desktop web applications and are designed with large datasets in mind.

Several geoblinkers worked on this project, too, either with direct contributions to the current codebase, to previous versions of the components that eventually ended up in the library, designing the elements or pair programming the hardest algorithms in the package.

I would like to mention them and thank them all for their great contributions. Without their efforts and help this project wouldn’t be a reality:

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