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Peach Maps – Searchable Apple Maps on your browser before official API is released

Two days ago I found out that Apple website featured an Apple Maps map to show this year’s WWDC location so I checked out its API and built a quick demo which allows you to search addresses and display them on Apple Maps: Peach Maps 🗺 (source code).

I added a search form which uses OpenStreetMap to get the results. The project only uses static files so it can be easily hosted on any server.

Introducing… MawKit

Recently I’ve released two iOS games (with Javier Rodríguez Vidal‘s and Víctor Grau Moreso‘s help). Both games use Cocos2d-x engine and a custom open source framework built on top of it named MawKit which I want to introduce in this post.

Why another framework?

We started developing Hop Raider last year’s November. At that moment there was a beta project called SDKBox focused on providing cross-platform plugins to Cocos2d-x but our experience was pretty frustrating: ads plugins which used outdated third-party APIs and spammy log-level, leaderboards/achievements plugins really buggy, almost no support for OS X, not-well documented plugins and features missing.

So we decided to develop our own solution, originally focused on offering a cross-platform (Android, iOS, OS X) implementation for ads and leaderboards/achievements, and called it MawKit. We developed the first version as we wrote Hop Raider and refactored it to make it open-source when we developed Blimp Journey.

It is written in C++, Java and Objective-C++ and offers callbacks to handle asynchronous operations, avoiding busy-waiting and global variables. MawKit is fully documented with Doxygen although we are working on improving Github’s documentation at the moment.

What does MawKit offer?

MawKit includes platform-specific implementation for features like:

  • Leaderboards and achievements (Google Play Games on Android and GameCenter on iOS/OS X).
  • Ads (Admob and AdColony on both iOS and Android – noop implementation for OS X as there is no oficial SDK for this platform).
  • In-app purchases.

As well as cross-platform utilities like:

  • Mathematical helpers (random number generator, ranges).
  • A simple key-value database with local persistence.
  • Additional FiniteTimeActions (move a node to the position of a different node, regardless it is static or in movement, shake a node, etc).
  • Logging utilities (prepending prefixes to the logged message to easily identify their priority)
  • Infinite parallax nodes (both vertical and horizontal).
  • Device utilities (get screen’s size, hardware performance and motion sensors coming soon).
  • Fabric‘s Answer (all platforms) and MixPanel (iOS) support.

Here are some nice snippets:

  • Storing money with KVDatabase:
  • Reporting new score:
  • Checking whether an achievement is unlocked:
  • Showing an ad:
  • Throwing a dice:
  • Moving a node to the position of another moving node (bonus: this snippet is part of Hop Raider):
  • Getting current language:

Ideas, suggestions, contributions…

… are welcomed as Github issues or pull requests.