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Introducing… MawKit

Recently I’ve released two iOS games (with Javier Rodríguez Vidal‘s and Víctor Grau Moreso‘s help). Both games use Cocos2d-x engine and a custom open source framework built on top of it named MawKit which I want to introduce in this post.

Why another framework?

We started developing Hop Raider last year’s November. At that moment there was a beta project called SDKBox focused on providing cross-platform plugins to Cocos2d-x but our experience was pretty frustrating: ads plugins which used outdated third-party APIs and spammy log-level, leaderboards/achievements plugins really buggy, almost no support for OS X, not-well documented plugins and features missing.

So we decided to develop our own solution, originally focused on offering a cross-platform (Android, iOS, OS X) implementation for ads and leaderboards/achievements, and called it MawKit. We developed the first version as we wrote Hop Raider and refactored it to make it open-source when we developed Blimp Journey.

It is written in C++, Java and Objective-C++ and offers callbacks to handle asynchronous operations, avoiding busy-waiting and global variables. MawKit is fully documented with Doxygen although we are working on improving Github’s documentation at the moment.

What does MawKit offer?

MawKit includes platform-specific implementation for features like:

As well as cross-platform utilities like:

Here are some nice snippets:

Ideas, suggestions, contributions…

… are welcomed as Github issues or pull requests.

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