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Month: May 2015

CloudFlare, HTTPS and WordPress

Last week I set up HTTPS on this site with CloudFlare’s Flexible SSL so today I’m writing about how did I set it up and what steps you should follow to do so, but first of all let me explain exactly what is CloudFlare Flexible SSL and how it can be free and set up on any website without setting up any SSL certificate. Read more →

When the parody gets real

If you are not Spaniard you might not be aware of this but we have a very unpopular Minister of Education, José Ignacio Wert… and we are going to vote a new government in a few weeks! So as you could expect a lot of “hackers” are trying to get José Ignacio Wert’s Twitter account. But they are not only trying to get @jiwert account but also @wert account, which is, indeed, mine.

How did I get that Twitter handle? Why does it tweet so much? What the hell does it say? Well, today I’ll answer all those questions, so let’s start with a brief review of the past…

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